Christening jewels

All about the best way to baptize your child.
It is customary to think about having your child baptized from a very young age, and traditionally, children are even baptized from their first days on earth. However, with time, people have taken the time to prepare well for the baptism of their child, so as to make it an unforgettable day, like the engagement and wedding. What is the purpose of a baptism jewel for your child? Baptism is one of the oldest religious rituals, a way for Christians to bless their newborn child. In order to ensure the spiritual purity of the latter, taking as a reference the baptism of Christ, when St. John the Baptist immersed Him in water. To celebrate this first sacrament, the baby will then be blessed by the priest, using sacred water. And at the same time, a godmother or a godfather will be assigned to him, to ensure the moral protection of the child, in case the parents fail. However, apart from the ceremony, it is also important that the child remembers this date. That’s why it is preferable to offer him a religious jewel so that he can remember this day, when he will be more conscious. This jewel will then be designated as a christening jewel. Which baptism jewel to offer to his baby? When a baby is born, many people tend to give him different jewelry as a birth gift. And usually, parents opt for Christian gold or gold-plated jewelry, such as a gold chain engraved with the child’s first name or birth date. As well as earrings for girls, or a bracelet for boys. However, it is necessary to note that these birth gifts are not really ideal as baptism jewelry. Simply because they can easily get confused with your child’s jewelry collection. That’s why people usually turn to religious medals as baptism gifts. A religious medal, or christening medal, is often adorned with a cross pendant or gemstones, but they are also customizable. And it is not uncommon to see a child adorned with an engraved medal offered by his or her godparents, or a ring with a silver or diamond pendant. Alternatives to classic christening jewelry. Indeed, when it comes to finding a piece of jewelry to offer as a baptism gift to a child, whether you are his godfather or godmother, we tend to opt for a silver medal. And yet, it is quite easy for a godfather and a godmother to find a unique gift to offer to their godchild, by going to a jewelry store or by calling a jeweler. Especially since there is no shortage of choices for costume jewelry for girls or boys at jewelers. Baptism jewelry idea for boys. Most of the time, we offer a medal with a pendant tree of life, golden cross, or an angel medal to a child for his first communion or baptism. However, to make a perfect gift for a little boy, it is best to give him white gold or rose gold bracelets with a guardian angel engraving. As well as a chain set with a cross pendant, a chain bracelet, or a personalized silver cross pendant. Baptism jewelry idea for girl. To give a christening gift to a girl, the choice is wider, as you can opt for a customizable gold necklace around the neck, diamond earrings and gold pendants. If not for the inevitable gold chains, as well as bracelets with personalized engraving. Note that these engravings can represent angels, a butterfly, a fairy, the Christ child, or a zodiac sign and a clover. With these gift ideas, you can be sure to find the perfect gift to give your little treasures at their baptisms, making you forget about opting for medals. Although it is common to hear people talk about miraculous medals.

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