Communion jewelry

Find the perfect gift for a first communion!
First communion is one of the most difficult ceremonies to find gift ideas for, at least for those who are not used to religious jewelry. And by browsing our collection of Christian jewelry, you can ensure that you find the perfect gift to give your godson, child or niece on their First Communion. What does First Communion mean? One of the few sacraments of the Catholic Church, First Communion is the first time a child is allowed to consume bread and wine at the Eucharist. It is a moment that occurs around the age of 8 – 12 years, for both girls and boys. With its evolution, the communion takes place from now on in two parts, with a first communion around 7 – 8 years, and a solemn communion around 10 – 12 years. This means that in addition to his birth gift, his birthday gifts, and Christmas gifts, a child will also have the right to two other gifts in his life. Indeed, so that the child can remember all his life of his first communion, this last one receives systematically a specific gift from his godfather and godmother. Generally made of solid gold, silver plated, ruby, amethyst, zircon, topaz, crystal, or sterling silver. Some ideas of jewelry to offer for a first communion. Knowing that we are talking about a religious ceremony, it is therefore wiser to opt for Christian jewelry, and a little angel motif is a perfect example. A necklace pendant around the neck, or a gold necklace, with the first name and the date of birth or the date of communion. A unique gift to wear on all occasions, apart from the miraculous medal. Also in the spirit of the pendant, the gold medal is also one of the most popular gift choices, especially the one with an engraving of Christ or one of his saints. A fancy piece of 18k jewelry, our collection of personalized gold medals is sure to please. No more talk of chokers, let’s move on to the wrist, with a personalized and adjustable silver-plated bracelet or a silver and stainless steel chain. Whether it’s for a little boy or a little girl, with or without a pendant and necklace. As an alternative to the lucky charm bracelet for boys or girls, or the classic name necklace, the personalized bracelet is also a great gift idea. Knowing that our collection of bracelets is composed of timeless jewelry, you can wear them endlessly. The ideal gift to offer to a child for his first communion. Indeed, at the beginning, your child will always tend to remove the jewelry you offer him, before he goes to bed. Simply because it takes him a time of adaptation, before being able to find the sleep with the weight of the jewel. However, it is also the duty of the godparents to make sure that their godchild is not bothered by their gifts. Therefore, it is better to do without the necklace with cross pendant, and even without gold earrings for granddaughters. Instead, the best thing for everyone is to turn to the purchase of a bracelet. Whether it is a silver bracelet, rose gold, diamond, yellow gold, gold-plated, with or without precious stones. Offering bracelets is as original as offering a cross pendant, the religious cross remains sacred. However, it should be noted that a customizable chain bracelet now allows you to have different designs on its top. Like the religious fish, grape, Bible verse, crucifix, cross, or the cross man. It is also worth noting that the main asset of the sterling silver or gold chain bracelet is none other than its timeless property, which allows it to grow as your child grows. Without you having to do any specific treatment to it. Nevertheless, it is also possible to opt for silver-plated metal bracelets, or even wooden bracelets with a picture, which will revive the memories of your child at any time.

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