Cross jewelry

Cross jewelry and what it means to Christians
There are many types of Christian jewelry circulating in the market today, and among these jewels are the cross pendants. A wide range of jewelry, for different meanings, which we are proud to present below. The difference between cross jewelry and crucifix jewelry Many people still think that cross jewelry and crucifix jewelry represent the same meanings. While both are religious symbols, the cross shape does not have the same definition as a crucifix. The reason is that the cross, especially the simple T-shaped cross, without a representation of Jesus crucified, simply emphasizes the resurrection of Jesus. Whereas the crucifix reminds everyone of both the sacrifice of Christ and his resurrection. Therefore, when it comes time to find a piece of cross jewelry to wear, it is necessary to pay close attention to the meaning of each piece of jewelry and its design. In order to ensure that you have a masterpiece that meets your expectations. What type of cross jewelry to get? When we talk about cross jewelry, we often tend to turn to pendants or medals, because they are the most common. And yet, it is also possible to find a good number of specific jewelry adorned with a cross pattern. For this, we can mention the ring, the necklace, the bracelet, the crown, the curb chain, the earrings, or the front and the tassel. Whether it is for silver jewelry, silver plated, gold and silver, white gold, yellow gold, white gold 18k or carats, decorated with precious stones or not. We can then advise you to opt for a gold necklace around the neck, with a silver pendant, or a cord with a gold cross as the only pendant. Knowing that the gold pendant resists everything, even time, which makes it a faithful ally. However, you can also adopt a gold chain, or medals in solid silver or sterling silver, decorated with diamonds, crystal or rubies for more fantasy. Without neglecting the chain necklace and its tree of life bicolor or tricolor. For a baptism medallion, we suggest the medallion of St. Christopher or St. John the Baptist, as well as that of the Virgin Mary. But you can still turn to a bracelet with a small cross and a subtle diamond ornament, or a golden heart. The different patterns of crosses in jewelry Often associated with sacrifice and salvation, the Christian cross can still have different meanings, depending on its shape. And this, apart from the simple cross and the crucifix explained above. To do this, we find the fleur de Lys, which symbolizes the Holy Trinity, or the Virgin Mary, depending on beliefs. The horizontal cross, a strong symbol of faith, because it represents the salvation of Man, when Christ put down his cross. The orthodox cross represents the balance of justice, and is also known as the Russian cross or Greek cross. This brings us to the Jerusalem cross, and its different variants, and therefore, its different meanings. Representing the wounds of Christ on the cross, this cross also illustrates the evangelists of the lord, as well as the nations that participated in the crusades, and Jerusalem and its Latin kingdoms. The lesser known crosses The cross of St. Benedict of Nursia is one of the most forgotten crosses of the public, although it is a cross that symbolizes the devotion to his faith. The rate cross on the other hand, represents immortality, while the cross pattée is interpreted as the cross of glory. The Templar cross is a strong shield against harmful forces and evil, and although the inverted cross is frowned upon by some, it signifies humility in one’s faith. This brings us to the end with the cross of Saint Andrew, which illustrates the type of cross on which he was crucified.

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