Ichtus jewelry

Ichtus jewelry: beautiful Christian jewelry.
We present you our absolutely unique and beautiful Ichtus jewelry. The symbol Ichtus means “Jesus Christ Son of God Savior”. It was used by the early Christians as a sacred symbol for Jesus Christ. In ancient Greek, the Christian fish is written “ἰχθύς” Fish Ichtus meaning. The symbol of the Christian fish went from the main sign used by the early Christians to express their faith in God, to a forgotten sign. It was not until 1960 that the ichtus again became a sacred symbol in Christianity. Ichtus ring. We have three beautiful Ichtus rings available for the Christian community. If you have always wanted to keep the sacred symbol of the Christian fish with you, we invite you to check out our religious Ichtus rings. Two of them are engraved with the name of Jesus, and the third one is engraved with the simple symbol of ichtus. Ichtus Bracelet. In this collection you will find several ichtus bracelets. The ichtus symbol is either centered with a Latin cross or the name of Jesus. One of our Ichtus bracelets has the original image of the Christian fish sign. Ichtus necklace. Our ichtus necklaces are either stainless steel or solid silver. You will find several beautiful models of the ichtus pendant with a silver or gold-plated chain. Ichtus keychain. An Ichtus keychain is ideal if you don’t want to forget to take your sacred symbol. It will stay with you at all times and is a great way to remind you that the Lord is with you. Ichtus Pendant. Two beautiful Ichtus pendants. One is made of olive wood and the second is made of stainless steel. You can choose to wear one of our Christian pendants around your neck or simply keep it with you in a purse for example. You can also decorate your home with a beautiful ichtus pendant. Which Ichthus jewel to choose … ? A necklace, a ring or a bracelet are all ideal jewelry to wear the ichthus symbol. You should first choose the jewelry you are used to wearing. Is it rings or necklaces, or even bracelets? Taking into consideration your personal taste, you will have no trouble choosing a piece of jewelry ichthus. Why wear a Christian fish accessory? This jewelry, like our other Christian jewelry, has been specially designed for people who worship the ichthus symbol and who have followed the history of the symbol. It is a very ancient sign, and since many Christians are interested in ancient stories, they take pleasure in keeping these symbols, which also have great importance in Christianity. Like the cross of Jesus, the ichthus is a symbolic sign in the Christian religion.

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