Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Medal and its different variants.
When it comes to Christian jewelry, the miraculous medal is always part of the picture, yet many people still don’t know what it means. While this is an accessory that is sure to stand out on you and demonstrate its power in your life. Discover what a Miraculous Medal is. Contrary to what many of us think, the Miraculous Medal has no power of its own. The belief that this religious medal can change your life is nothing more than vanity and pure credulity on your part. However, this medal is still a strong symbol for Christians, because it represents the time when the Virgin Mary appeared to Sister Catherine in the Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. During her second apparition, the Blessed Mother asked that this medal be made, as a source of grace, a pledge of protection and a testimony of love for those who wear it. A medal that was a great success from its first appearance on the market, during the cholera epidemic of 1832, which was the beginning of a long series of miracles. The attributes of the Miraculous Medal. When it comes to medals, we tend to associate them with medals in the shape of a circle, or even those that are personalized with the image of Christ. However, the Miraculous Medal breaks away from this tendency, opting instead for an oval shape, following the recommendations of the holy mother of Jesus. The Miraculous Medal: front view. On one side of this medal is a specific representation of the Virgin Mary on her feet, with her arms slightly detached from her body. Her hands are wide open and turned towards the earth, as a sign of openness and giving. However, the snake that she is crushing under her feet should not be overlooked. In addition to the image of the Holy Mother of the Church, this medal also features a dozen stars, referring to the rays of light when the Virgin appeared to Catherine. But there is also an engraving of 1830, which is none other than the year in which the Blessed Virgin made her three apparitions to Sister Catherine Labouré. And to crown it all, a prayer is also engraved in Latin, adorning the edges of the medal. A prayer that says: O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you. The Miraculous Medal: the reverse side. On the other side of the medal, the twelve stars are still present, but this time they run along the edges of the medal. Stars that seem to represent the 12 apostles and the 12 Israeli tribes. However, one can also find an “M”, intertwining a “T” bar representing the cross of Christ, thus relating the timeless strength of their links, knowing that the M is the diminutive of Mary. While the bar of the cross, tends to actualize the crucifixion, to remind everyone of the ordeal endured by Christ. However, we also see two different hearts, with a circled version and a pierced version. The heart encircled by a thorny crown is what we usually call the Sacred Heart, which is none other than the heart of Christ himself. The heart that Jesus showed to Margaret Mary Alacoque, as a testimony of his infinite love. And the pierced heart is Mary’s heart, representing the pain of a mother at the sight of her child’s suffering. This is why this heart is pierced with a sharp blow by a sword. The different representations of the Miraculous Medal. After the news about the Miraculous Medal spread around the world, most religious families began to want to obtain them, creating a sharp increase in demand. This problem has been solved with time, but also with the appearance of different derivatives of this medal. For this, we note first of all the presence of the miraculous ring. A religious ring on which is engraved one of the two faces of the miraculous medal. However, there are also miraculous bracelets, bracelets on which miraculous medals are presented as pendants. In addition to these variants, we can still take advantage of earrings miraculous medal, so that women can wear their miraculous medal everywhere they go. Especially since these are largely unobtrusive, due to their small size. Which Miraculous Medal should I choose? After having made the tour of the different types of miraculous medals, it is now time to make your decision, in relation to the model that suits you. Knowing that some models are difficult to wear on a daily basis, unlike others. And for this purpose, we even propose you to find miraculous medal keychains, apart from bracelets and pendants, as well as rings and earrings. Like the Notre Dame de Paris religious earrings, the Notre Dame bracelet, or the 3 religious symbols necklace. Whether you are looking for a necklace, a bracelet, a bracelet, a ring, a pendant, or simply a miraculous medal, you can find everything in our collection. With a wide range of Virgin Mary jewelry specially selected, to facilitate the search for each. The different materials used for our miraculous medals. Knowing full well that we are talking about jewelry here, it is therefore necessary to recall that the majority of our miraculous medals are made of gold and silver. But this does not prevent us from finding different versions in stainless steel, wood, bronze and copper. This does not exclude the presence of gold or silver plated miraculous medals, apart from those made of solid silver 925, and those made of gold. Moreover, some medals are also held by simple cords. Therefore, whatever your needs in miraculous medals, do not waste your time in the search, you now know which jewel to turn to.

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