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A collection of orthodox jewelry for everyone.
Orthodox jewelry is specific Christian jewelry, with a small note of difference from Catholic jewelry. Due to a difference of opinion, regarding the position in which Christ was crucified on the cross. The difference between Catholic and Orthodox cross. The Catholic cross is usually decorated with 4 or 6 peaks, but the Orthodox cross has 8 peaks, which makes all the difference. These 8 vertices are distinguished by the 4 vertices of the classic cross, 2 vertices for the inscription INRI or Jesus the Nazarene King of the Jews, and 2 vertices for the footstool of Christ. Knowing that Catholic Christians turn to the version where Christ had both feet nailed together. While Orthodox Christians opt for a version in which the feet of Jesus are nailed or tied separately. It should be noted, however, that the lower bar or feet are placed diagonally for specific reasons. The rising part points to the heavens in representation of Christ’s ascension, and the lower part points in the direction of hell. The different choices of orthodox jewelry. When we talk about orthodox jewelry, we always talk about Christian jewelry, and for this, the most symbolic is always the pendant in the form of a cross. Whether it is a cross in gold, silver rhodium, sterling silver, steel, gold or silver metal, or set with precious stones. You can also opt for a crucifix with a representation of Christ on it. However, apart from the cross and its variants, you can also find different jewelry in our collection, starting with : The Orthodox ring. For this purpose, we put at your disposal, a whole range of orthodox rings, beautiful wedding rings or friendship rings man woman. Perfect to wear every day, but also an ideal gift that you can offer to a loved one. The various orthodox necklaces. As far as orthodox necklaces are concerned, there are chain necklaces with or without a pattern, knowing that they can still be adorned with medallions or pendants. And most of the time, the chosen pendant remains the cross pendant, with the three bars of the cross, with or without the sculpture of Christ. The Orthodox medal. Orthodox medals are usually accompanied by a necklace or cord of the same material or color. You can take our Orthodox Jesus Mary religious medal as an example, as well as the St. Benedict religious medal keychain. The many Orthodox charms. Speaking of charms, we are referring in particular to bracelets, bracelets and everything related to the wrist, such as the rush. And in this category, our jewelry collection is also very well stocked, to help you find the perfect piece of jewelry that fits your needs and budget. Pendants for women. When it comes to jewelry, earrings are always in the spotlight, and we’ve taken that into account. That’s why our orthodox jewelry store offers them in advance, so that every woman and every young lady can wear them. So don’t wait any longer and treat yourself. Notes to remember about the orthodox jewelry in our collection. Since everyone has their own preferences regarding the type of jewelry they wear, it is necessary to mention that our orthodox jewelry is widely varied. This allows everyone to find the perfect jewelry that suits them. Whether we are talking about gold and silver jewelry, gold-plated or silver-plated, sterling silver or rhodium-plated silver, and even jewelry made of fine stones. Or whether we are talking about jewelry made of wood, stainless steel, leather, copper, pearls and silicones, or jewelry set with semi-precious stones and precious stones. All you have to do is determine the type of jewelry you are looking for, the type of design you prefer, and the budget you have allocated to it, in order to find the orthodox jewelry that suits you. All this, without even having to put your nose outside, or get up from your chair, knowing that our offer includes a secure delivery service.

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