Protestant jewelry

Sublimate your body and mind with our protestant jewelry.
When it comes to Christian jewelry, we tend to refer to Catholic jewelry, especially the crucifix with the image of Jesus crucified on it. But for now, we’re going to turn to the typical Protestant jewelry, which has the cross removed from the representation of Christ. What are the protestant jewels? Indeed, when we talk about Christian jewelry, the representation of Jesus on the crucifix is always in order. A trend that we can easily do without, simply by opting for a Protestant jewelry. And to do this, you have access to different types of Christian cross jewelry, with a slight difference, especially in relation to the representation of Christ that is no longer current. And this is what makes all the difference between Catholic jewelry and Protestant jewelry. Whether it is for a religious ring or engagement ring, a cord adorned with all kinds of pendants, for a medallion or a medal, as well as for pendants and curb chains. Something to please all those who want to wear a specifically Protestant jewel, and not a Christian jewel in general. Types of protestant jewelry. For all Christians, the cross is a major symbol that no one can get rid of, knowing that it reminds everyone of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. However, for Protestantism, this cross is currently getting rid of the effigy of Jesus, and ends up with a classic cross with 4 peaks. However, speaking of Protestant cross, the Huguenot cross is the symbol par excellence for this religion. A cross in the image of the Maltese cross, with its pearl points, adorned with heart or fleur de lys inside, followed by a dove hanging, and pointing down. However, Protestant jewelry is not limited to this cross, since it can also be distinguished on different types of jewelry. Whether it is on a ring, bracelets, necklaces, or medals. What types of protestant jewelry to get? So, apart from the pendant that we are used to see on the market or on the neck of the protestants, we find many other jewels, starting with : The religious ring. Whether it is a wedding ring, a friendship ring, or any type of ring, to be classified as Protestant jewelry, these are also decorated with a Huguenot cross. This can be an engraving on the top of the ring, or as an ornament on the edges and the wall of the latter. The Protestant medal. A religious icon for ages, the Protestant medal is still far from losing its value, and is becoming more and more popular on the market. A concrete sign of perpetual search for union with Christ. The protestant cross necklace. Different from the pendant necklace, although it can be adorned, the protestant cross necklace is a chain necklace made of gold, silver or steel. A necklace that consists of a succession of chains and Huguenot cross motifs, everything to put you in the spirit of the Protestant religion. The protestant bracelet. Generally made of leather or chain and chainette, the protestant bracelets are a miniaturized version of the protestant necklace, as they are only worn on the wrist. What to make your forearm shine, without having to worry about the type of ring to associate with.

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