Templar jewelry

Become a knight of the church with our templar jewelry.
The Templars or the Order of the Temple are a military-religious organization of the Middle Ages, formed by knights at the boot of the church. An organization founded in 1129 following the Council of Troyes, this militia worked for the protection of pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem, as well as their protection during the holy war and the crusades. Here, we offer a wide range of jewelry in memory of the Templars, a whole range of jewelry adorned with red cross or cross pattée, identity of the knights of the temple. This cross can have different shapes, depending on its wearer, between a simple shape, a patté shape, an anchored shape or a flowered shape. However, as for the red color of the cross, it symbolizes the color of blood shed in the name of Christ or shed by Christ, it depends on the interpretation. For the Templars, this cross is synonymous with a permanent crusade vow, just like the legionnaires today. Nevertheless, it should also be remembered that the wearing of this cross was only approved in 1147 by Pope Eugene III. Discover the different templar jewelry. By Templar jewelry, it should be noted that there is a large number on the market at this time. However, for the Templars, the jewelry is not limited to the simple charms that are usually found on the market. For them, their first treasures are their horses and armor, without which they could never have carried out their crusades. However, let’s stop talking, knowing that these armors are now relics exposed in various museums. This leaves us with the various classic Templar jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, as well as pendants decorated with crosses. And to do this, our store will perfectly satisfy you, no matter what your budget is. Templar jewelry in our collection: It is clear that templar jewelry is noted by the thousands on the market right now, and our store offers a few hundred. Among them are : The templar necklace. Templar necklaces have always been very trendy fashion items and always highly prized on the market, both by men and women. Whether it is for gold necklaces, silver necklaces, metal necklaces or stainless steel necklaces. And to do this, we offer you a whole collection of templar necklaces to enjoy, starting with the silver ring cross necklace, and the silver medieval religious cross necklace. We also offer different types of Jesus Christ necklace, St. Michael the Archangel necklaces, a knight templar cross necklace, or a yellow gold plated chain necklace. As well as a genuine sterling silver chain necklace. The templar pendant. Indeed, to give more strength and visibility to your necklaces, we also offer a range of templar pendants to enjoy, such as the pendant templar cross or the cross of Saint Benedict. Knowing that our pendants are available in gold and silver, or gold plated and bronze, to ensure that everyone can easily find an item consistent with its budget. The Templar medal. Aside from pendants, medals are also perfect adornments for your necklaces, taking the religious medal for St. Michael the Archangel necklace as an example. But that’s not all, we still offer different medals of Saint Benedict. The ring, knight templar. The type of religious jewelry that we see most often worn by people, among our collection of rings, find religious rings with different designs. Whether it is a ring with a cross pattée, a ring with the image of St. Michael, or a ring engraved St. Benoit. But you can also find a St Augustine ring, as well as a black gold signet ring, a medieval cross ring, a shield ring, and a Jesus head ring. Templar earrings. Knowing that many people love to wear them, we have also developed earrings featuring the templar, a perfect gift to give to your wife or mother.

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