The fleur de Lys jewelry

The fleur de Lys jewelry and its religious connotations.
The fleur de Lys is no longer to be introduced to anyone. This flower was a great French symbol at a certain point in history, but now it has a more religious meaning, especially in Christianity. The role of the fleur de Lys in the Christian religion. Many French people still wear jewelry engraved with the fleur-de-lis today, to remember the time before the revolution. Jewelry that is often found in the form of signet rings or earrings, or as pendants and charms. For this generation, the silver and white lilies represent the Virgin Mary, yellow for friendship, orange for desire, pink for tenderness and affection, and red for passion. This means that you must be very careful in your choice of color. However, the lily itself represents the Christian Holy Trinity, no matter what type of jewelry it is engraved on. Whether it is on earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, necklaces, chains, medals, rings or pendants. Our different offers of fleur de Lys jewelry. You will find a wide choice of jewelry adorned with fleur de Lys in our collection of religious jewelry, and this, for everyone, both women and men. And to do this, we suggest you review first the women’s jewelry, to follow with the men’s jewelry. The fleur de lys jewelry for women. Indeed, our collection is composed of a multitude of jewelry for women, what to please a lady. Starting with the ring category, which remains a classic gift idea, whether it is a solitaire ring, an engagement ring or a wedding ring. Then, we find the different necklaces and pendants, between those composed of semi-precious and precious stones, the name necklaces, and the classic ones. Note that some pendants even feature diamonds, rubies or emeralds, with a gold or silver choker. Then come the chains, bracelets, as well as curb chains, chains and anklets. With the possibility of finding each piece of jewelry in 18k gold, rhodium-plated silver and sterling silver, stainless steel, fine stones or gold-plated metal. Fleur de Lys jewelry for men. Also available in different types of material, the fleur de Lys is still present on many men’s jewelry. Whether we are talking about jewelry, engagement ring or wedding ring, pendant jewelry, as well as charms, bracelets and bracelets, or watches. As for men’s rings, we generally note the presence of signet rings in gold, sterling silver, or fine stone like quartz. But it is also possible to find stainless steel-based, set with lapis lazuli or zirconium oxide and tourmaline. However, it is also common to see men wearing adjustable chokers, with gold pendants set with stone or not, or simply a gold necklace. And it is the same for bracelets, knowing that they can also be adorned with cross pendant in the form of fleur de Lys, silver plated or gold and diamond. The fleur de lys: a sublime gift to offer to your loved ones! Whether it’s for your loved ones’ birthday, a baptism, or for an engagement, wedding or communion, our jewelry collections are all perfect gift ideas. And it’s easy to customize them to your liking. Whether you want pearl, feather or bow motifs, our fleur de lis jewelry collection offers a wide range of gift items for men and women. What to help you to get rid of your problem of choice of gift. Not to mention that buying from us means you don’t have to go around to all the jewelry stores in your city, without being sure you’ll find the right jewelry for everyone. And in addition to saving time and energy, our collection is also suitable for all types of budgets.

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