The Saint Christopher medal

The Saint Christopher medal and its many variations.
When it comes to Christian medals, the Saint Christopher medal is the most common type of sacred jewelry. It is the type of medal that is most often seen at baptisms, because of its strong symbolism. That’s why we offer you different variations of it. Why wear a Saint Christopher medal? Indeed, even among Christians, many people are still unaware of the obsession with St. Christopher medals, even though he is an icon of Christianity. Therefore, let us remind you first of all, who is Christopher of Lycia, or Saint Christopher. A prominent figure for Christians, St. Christopher is described by Christians as the patron saint of travelers. That’s why we find medals of St. Christopher in cars, to ensure that his travels are smooth. However, in addition to being the patron saint of travelers, St. Christopher is also the protector of children. And it is for this reason that we generally find the Child Jesus on the shoulders of the latter, on various medals St. Christopher. Quick biography of Saint Christopher. His real name, Offerus, St. Christopher is a royal descendant of Canaan, a powerful man of imposing size. However, for those who may still be unaware, Christopher etymologically means the Christ-bearer, or more commonly, the Christ-bearer. A rather power-hungry person, St. Christopher was constantly in the service of the strongest, which led him to want to serve the devil himself, providing him with various services. But seeing that the devil was afraid of the cross, it was at this very moment that he began to put himself at the service of Christ. The legend of St. Christopher begins when he met a hermit during his quest for Jesus, a hermit who described to him everything he needed to know in order to follow Christ. But fearing hunger, the latter turned to another offer that the hermit made him, that of taking people across a tumultuous river, which he accepted at once. However, everything was going well, until one day Christ himself appeared to St. Christopher, in the form of a little boy who wanted to cross the river. St. Christopher carried him on his shoulders and began his crossing, but the further they went, the heavier the child became, which almost caused them to drown. And it is only, once on the other shore, that the child confessed to him that he was not carrying a child like the others, he carried that day, the child who carries the weight of the world. It is this famous day, which made Offerus, the patron saint of travelers, or Saint Christopher. The meaning of the medal of Saint Christopher. Recognizable by his brute strength, Offerus is represented through different types of medals, generally known as the Saint Christopher medal. This religious jewelry boasts of having some influence on Christians, and we will demonstrate this. To begin with, this religious medal represents strength, not the brute strength of Offerus, but rather, the strength of all of our faith in Jesus Christ. A medal that will make you feel the strength of God, and will help you to face the different situations that can hurt you. In addition to the feeling of strength, this medal is also a source of courage and inspiration for all, especially for those who feel weak and desperate. But it is also a strong symbol of humility, reminding us that St. Christopher was always at the service of others, even though he descended from a royal lineage. And finally, the medal of Saint Christopher is also a perfect example of dedication to Christianity. Knowing that once he decided to serve Christ, he devoted his body and soul to him, to the point of becoming a martyr, as well as a messenger. For St. Christopher, his mission is simple, to follow Christ, to protect the children and all that follow Jesus, against the different dangers of life. And I would not be surprised to see him accompany the souls of people in the passage to the other world. What kind of St. Christopher medal should I wear? Generally, when it comes to St. Christopher medals, the reference is always to children, as this is the most common type of baptism gift. However, it should be noted that everyone is able to wear it, in order to benefit from its virtues. With the different offers you can find on the market, it is even possible to find a model of Saint Christopher medal to hang in your car, apart from those to wear. An excellent choice of jewelry to wear on a daily basis, St. Christopher medals can come in different versions, varying in price, as well as in iconography. And for that, we can face gold medals, silver medals, or religious medals in stainless steel and gold-plated jewelry, for men and women. The models of medals to find in our Christian store. Although we are talking mainly about Saint Christopher medals, it should also be noted that our store offers you even whole necklaces, and not only pendants. And for this, we note the presence of the necklace Saint Christopher, or the necklace Saint Christopher man. However, as for the medals, we note the stainless steel Saint Christopher medal, the silver Saint Christopher religious medal or the gold Saint Christopher medal. We also meet a religious medal of the patron saint of travelers, and a medal Saint Christopher of baptism. Without forgetting to pass by the black religious medal Saint Christophe, the gold plated, or the silver color, as well as the religious medal with Saint Christophe in round form. Obviously, these are only examples, but you can still have much more models by browsing this site, so as to find your happiness. Knowing that this offers you many advantages, starting with the fact that you can make your purchases from home.

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