Religious Rosary Bracelet Gold Plated


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blessed the one who believes in the name of the Lord! < Span Face = "Roboto" style = "Font-Family: roboto;"> this bracelet Rosary color plated E Gold is a must-have jewel at your Cross Store Chr É Tiennes.

316L stainless steel < Span Color = "# 666666" Style = "Color: # 666666;"> : Chlorine resistant, not blackered
super comfortable : no form of embarrassment on your skin
length : 21 cm
color: gold plated
precise, meticulous
standard delivery offered

Follow this guide if you are not certain of the size to order and have < Strong> 2 cm Additional on the length of the bracelet compared to your wrist tower :

 Wrist Mensuration

equals the circumference in cm.