Catholic Rosary Ring


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two religious images on these two beautiful rosary rings of high qualities, reminding us of moments Catholic history of the holy family together.

✞ Dizainier composed of 10 silver beads for prayer πŸ™
✞ < B> 316L stainless steel : chlorine resistant, not blackeck
✞ < span color = "# 6666666"> No form of embarrassment on your skin
✞ Color: silver
✞ detailed, precise
✞ Unique size: 13 – 14
✞ Delivery Standard offered

✞ Follow our Measuring Guide if You are not sure about the size to be ordered ✞

wear around the finger all the love and protection of Christ on a daily basis. this Religious ring will be the expression of your Christian faith. Choose your Title=” HREF”%20” target=”_blank”> DIZAINIER Among our selection of Christian accessories.