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Jesus is the supreme expression of perfection. His coming to the world remains forever a precious memory and feeling for Christians. Treat yourself to this Christmas Nursery to relive the moments of the Nativity. Never stop believing and living fully grace that God has offered us since the birth of Jesus until today.

C Christmas Ripper High quality artisan for a unique gift !
Composition: Resin Painted by hand
Super light : Easy to move
Dimensions: ~ 7.5 cm (Height) | 16 cm (width) | ~ 3,2 (thickness)
standard delivery offered

A perfect decoration to celebrate Christmas holidays

Celebrating Christmas is one of the sensations preferred by toddlers. Large people tramping his head on the Christmas meal, the Christmas tree and the Christian decorations of the house. It’s a favorite for you, if you like an idea of ​​folklore garlands, candles full of the house, associate them with this crib representing the Nativity of Jesus.

With these Santons dressed , Christmas holidays will be as well dressed. Have a resin crib installed to get out of the ordinary with Christmas decorations with Santa Claus and his sled of queens. Your interior will be bright with beautiful illuminations with this nursery. You can celebrate Christmas with biblical symbols and the gospel thanks to the figurines on the small crib.

For an idea of ​​neutrality, decorations can be mixed. But for free thinking, live as at the moment of Nativity the moments of Christmas. This decoration looks like a living nursery with small characters. It is true that with the Christmas holidays, you will make temporary installations , this nursery will also facilitate the task, it will decorate in one click your pretty house.

One nursery to offer as a religious gift

To live and relive the true religious sense of Christmas, this artisanal manufacture is worthy to be offered for your basilica. At a Christmas vigil, midnight masses, every Sunday at the church, you will live a fairy moment and festivities in the presence of this nursery. Not only for a gift idea, but it is also possible for the proposed regional council to decorate public places, public space, an administrative court and even the hotel lobby.

For more fairy , add angel candles on the candlesticks for more illumination. Jesus is the Messiah that the Lord sent us to this earth, he deserves to be glorified by songs of praise to the church by the choir. It sounds like secular tradition. The worker masters his crafts to give a beautiful image of the sculpture of this nursery.

Celebrate a Happy Christmas by commemorating the Gospels, for transmitting the spirit of this festival, with a Christmas tree in decoration. It will be perfect and fairy if you add some villagers to the foot of the tree. The mice of bread, the Madeleine, the meat of oxen to the sauce, the porcelain and ceramic cutlery are the reminders of the modest circumstance that comes to the world.

The scene of the nativity made with good quality resin

Protect the environment with this material will make your Christmas even more wonderful. You can go to the Christmas markets and at the Santon Fair to choose the best quality to decorate your home and to paint happiness your home. To practice a Provencal style, the figurines on the nursery brings out its beauty.

The Christmas crib is represented by the barn where Jesus infantile was born, Marie and Joseph, the little Jesus and the three mages kings winning their presents. A biblical and fairy symbol at the same time in miniature. Instantly live the party of the Nativity and adopt a nursery. You can put pretty little bells in front of the crib.

In one single piece , the worker will make your living room or library or study room a wonderful little Bethlehem thanks to his work. You can also put the Christmas gifts from your children next to this nursery to sublimate the decoration of your home. Jesus is also the right shepherd that will protect you and you will be delighted with that.