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Celebrate Christmas with a heart filled with praise and adoriations to our Lord. The birth of Jesus gives life to all that one undertakes. Put a touch of color at your home thanks to this Christmas crib. What’s better than reliving a memorable story so that it will stay forever in our hearts?

Christmas nursery Hi-Quality craft for a unique gift!
Composition: Resin, Wood
super light : Easy to move
Weight : 1100 gr
dimensions: 22 cm (height) | 28 cm (width) | 10 cm (thickness)
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A religious gift for a memorable religious holiday

To celebrate the true religious sense of Christmas, this manger with small characters like craft manufacture, Jesus in the feeder is made for those who love the feast of St. Nicholas. In the image of the three kings-mages who have offered presents for Jesus Infantile, you can offer it as present to your basilica. It can act as a decoration on a public space, public places, in an administrative court and even for the inauguration of a Christmas party.

During the midnight mass, the decoration of the Christmas tree and the Decoration of the Church with the choir’s voices, this nursery will act as Showcase The church. A unique piece for different models for the vigil of midnight. As our father who sends us the Messiah, our good shepherd, the best workers have kept the symbol of this huge grace and love. It can be a decoration in the lobby of the hotel where you like past your Christmas holidays to the end of year party.

Celebrating Christmas by commemorating the Gospels, for transmitting the spirit of this party, with a Christmas tree in decoration. It will be perfect and fairy if you add some villagers to the foot of the tree. The mice of bread, the Madeleine, the meat of ox on the sauce are the reminders of the modest circumstance that come to the world. To illuminate your home, so add angel candles in your candlestick to pass a merry christmas !

small characters on a scene for a pretty decoration

Do not be late to discover a new style of Christmas crib. Be authentic and come on the best of your decorations with this nursery. A temporary installation for a memorable and infinite memory has a dedication character. Install a nursery with small figurines to mark your Nativity Festival.

Angel candles, folklore garlands, a crib, your party will be bright with a fairy appearance. This nursery will give your home an aspect of a living nursery or a small Bethlehem with figurines with warm white color. This scene of the Nativity can garnish and illuminate your home interior.

You can go around the Christmas Markets and the Santon Fair to satisfy your desire to decorate. But your Christmas party will be special with this Christmas crib. To give a touch of neutral, put there next to your Christmas tree. With some decorations of different models, your Christmas vigil would gap grace as your humble home.

From artisanal manufacture, the little nursery as the art of the house

The luminous idea to protect the environment from the staging figures. Made of resin and wood, hand-painted handmade finish, the nursery is worthy of secular traditions. It is not far from a nursery living thanks to its fairy appearance. You can put the Christmas gifts from the children next door.

The statue of the scene of the Nativity is well represented as in the gospel as in the Masses by Mary and Joseph, the child Jesus and an angel, a sheep and a donkey an ox with their shepherd and the three kings Mages with their presents, the set decorated with hay. The scene is alive on a biblical representation, only in miniature version. Like toddlers instantly live the Christmas party to hang emotions and set up a nursery.

In a unique room, the worker of this nursery tries to enchant your home and can surprise the advice regional for a Christmas party contest. Rejoice during the holidays and the masses, made up beautiful bright decorations in front of the nursery so that your Christmas decor is set with happiness and memorable.