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There are many types of crosses on pendants, rings, as well as on all religious jewelry nowadays. The Celtic cross is one of them, this typical Irish symbol, which always attracts everyone’s attention at the sight of it. The Celtic cross and its different meanings. We all know that there are different versions of the Celtic cross, but do you know exactly what they are, or how many there are. And do you also know that each version has a specific meaning, which makes it unique. To put you in the bath, we propose you to discover them with us. The many types of Celtic crosses. When we talk about Celtic crosses or high crosses, we are not yet used to making the reference with any jewel. Indeed, when it comes to Celtic crosses, we tend to refer to Irish stone crosses. Nevertheless, it is also worth noting that not all stone crosses are alike. We note for that, the Ardboe cross, the Muiredach cross, the Kells cross is also an excellent choice, the Ahenny cross, the scripture cross, as well as the St. Kevin cross. Knowing that all these types of crosses are now available in miniature versions, as a design on the various jewelry that attract you. Whether as a pendant on a gold chain, a silver and gold ring, a yellow gold pendant, earrings, or on cufflinks and curb chain. With a special mention for the pendant, which in addition to its various crosses, offers an exclusive cross pendant, entirely based on Celtic knot. The meanings of each Celtic cross. Known as the swastika, the Celtic cross is a Christian emblem that originated in Ireland. A regular cross with four equal-sized branches, or a Latin cross with specific branches, which is decorated with a circle to consolidate the branches. This type of cross is also called a nimbed cross or a Eucharistic cross, in symbol of the Holy Host. However, no matter what type of Celtic cross you find, it will always remind you of Christ’s death, as well as His resurrection, and the eternal life that awaits you at His side. Whether it’s on a silver pendant or a gold pendant on a cord, a ring, earrings for women, a silver necklace or a gold necklace, and any type of costume jewelry. As much on a leather bracelet, as on charms adorned with semi-precious stones or precious stones, and even on a silver-plated medallion. Not to mention the steel choker, the gold ring, the pearl necklace, the chain, and our entire collection of Celtic jewelry. What to make an ideal gift for the birthday of his loved ones. What type of Celtic jewelry should I choose? Here, the choice depends first of all on the preferences of each one, given that we all have, usual jewels. But whether it is gold, rhodium-plated silver, sterling silver, stainless steel, quartz or fine stones, you can be sure to find it in our store. So you need to decide whether you want a silver diamond or ruby ring and an engraved Celtic knot for your engagement. Or rather for a gothic man pendant, silver clover earrings, or a man-woman plated pendant, as well as an amulet and cultured pearls. However, you still need to specify, if you want to wear it, or if you want to give it as a gift, knowing that it is a perfect gift idea for baptism or friendship. Especially since the Celtic knot is becoming one of the most popular fashion accessories of the moment, apart from the Celtic cross. Whether we are talking about the Dara knot, the sailor’s knot, the Celtic spirals, the trinity knot, the Celtic love knot, the Celtic spiral knot, as well as the various popular designs. Each of these is starting to make a serious name for itself in the market right now, which is likely to turn you into a stylish person.

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