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Preserve your faith by remaining connected in unlimited with God. This pendant Celtic cross silver can act as a receptacle between your personal communication. Be free from your actions and do not be afraid to own this jewel.

Sterling Silver u> : 925 sterling silver
Size : 3 x 2 cm
Weight: 3,3gr
very detailed, accurate
✞ Limited Edition
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A Celtic Cross Silver of Irreproachable Quality

It’s very nice to hear someone’s mouth that we are unique! The engraving of the Title=” Celtic” href=”httpots://” target=”_blank”> Celtic symbol on the silver pendant gives it a finesse flush and favorable for a gift idea of a connoisseur. cord or silver chain, the choice is yours even in solitary pendant for the ideal gift.

The Celtic Cross Anchor has remained timeless and comes to all styles by gothic or simple. Stylized by the assembly of different culture, the silver metal finesse seems infinity. By stripping with this medallion , the jewelry stores will jealousize you.

The traditional unique cross thanks to its brilliant silver brilliant

This symbol inspired by Crucifix authentic silver metal can make fashion accessory and signified your commitment. With its silvernery, the pendant has an attractive shine. Unisex, wise hammer our miraculous action daily. Being worn around the neck It is matched with silver jewelry, rings, bracelets, ring and earrings.

You have a wide choice of Cord by hanging it, it can be an ideal gift with the crucifix in box. You can be Solitaire but unique and different by having this jewel. Customized your style to the effigy of your mount for men .