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Put around the neck this sublime cross pendant made of solid silver. A necklace consisting of a cross-shaped pendant with a plated silver chain. This silver cross pendant is matching with many clothing styles. Add this pendant necklace to your jewelry collection.

Sterling silver span> : 925 sterling silver
No embarrassment form on your skin
size span> span> : 5 0 cm (string) | 3.7 cm (cross )
Weight: 2, 8 gr
very detailed, accurate
standard delivery offered

Follow this guide if you are not certain about the size to order :


is equivalent to the circumference in cm.

Make this silver necklace a perfect gift

First, this jewel is an ideal gift to offer for all occasions . It will surely appeal to the receiver because it adapts easily with the different religious jewels or not, like the earrings, a diamond ring or a bracelet. This necklace pendants shines with silver brilliance and gives a trendy look.

more, this Necklace Pendant presents perfect religious symbols to offer for a birthday present or baptism. With a personalized engraving of Jesus Christ who gave his life on the cross showing the greatness of his love to save us from our peaches. This silver pendant is an exceptional gift idea for the various religious events.

This silver medallion can be offered during a communion as a sign of blessing. Even for Valentine’s Day, this Cross Necklace money is just beautiful for your partner in love sign. With this rare treasure, your loved ones will see the importance and goodness of your personality. A silver necklace offered by a person in the heart of gold.

a splendid cross necklace for an outstanding style

This famous necklace stands out from all Catholic Jewelry because it has been personalized with the best jewelers for his Religious look. It is not found in any jewelery, a brilliant sterling silver pendant, for luxury men or for women who love jewelry collections.

This pendant cross is easy to wear in the moments of cults on Sundays, the various religious occasions or just a daily jewel. With his light weight, he can accompany you no matter where you go without you tired. Its silver appearance of Egyptian cross to bring a brilliant tip of fantasy.

This silver plated pendant is very trendy among necklaces and jewelry on the market, because it is suitable for everyone and suitable wherever you are . With its shape which is that of the Christian cross that represents the crucifixion of Christ suspended on its pacifier as the writers of the Bible tell.

a pendant necklace with excellent value for money

This pendant necklace is a precious creation with the design and the exemplary quality that meets the tastes and means of each. This jewel refined necklace is high quality retro with about 24g 925 pure sterling silver. The whole jewel has a graceful finish for a brilliant rendering.

Opt for this beautiful medal to adopt a Christian and peaceful life, to share your love to your entourages like Jesus Christ. Make a gift from this Catholic silver cross means much more than just a donation. This silver light necklace introduces the mystery of Christ on the cross.

We offer you an excellent value for money with this luxury jewel to offer for someone’s birthday or for dream engagement. A Wonderful Jewel for woman or a man necklace consisting of a pendant and a massive silver chain. Succumb to the charm of this brilliant cross silver pendant.