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Surprise the look of your entourage by a beautiful religious jewel. The Crucifix Cross Pendant Does in it a message that will easily spread through its beautiful appearance. Its attractive advertising set by the color of gold will capture any vision that will cross you. Put on you this evangelical necklace and make your public belief.

zinc and steel alloy : Resistant Chlorine, does not black
No embarrassment form on your skin
size Span> span> : 45 cm (string) | ~ 3.2 cm (cross)
color : Gold plated
precise, neat
standard delivery offered
Follow this guide if you are not certain on the size to be ordered :
is equivalent to the circumference in cm .

a jewel that serves as a messenger by intercepting any attention

Preach faith by wearing this pendant, do not take the trouble to evangelize in the street. You project your worship with this Necklace putting it around the neck. It will promote the evangelical message you want to pass with fascinating and stylish air.

Show everyone that you are devoted, that your religion is your pride. Wear with you permanently an object that demonstrates the intention and esteem of your religion. The Religious Jewelry are the most qualified to affirm your devotion. To capture everyone’s attention especially people who still know this belief.

for you, looking for a divine amulet. This Cross Pendant Projuring the image of the crucifixion of Christ will meet your expectations. Being the basic emblem of Christianity, some people will choose it as a lucky necklace.

A suitable stylish necklace for any event or religious ceremonies

during religious events like baptism, communion, marriage, etc., it is necessary to match the way to dress with a brilliant Christian jewel Well set. This gold plated will satisfy you, it will imitate a luxury jewel especially the gold jewelry . With its radiant appearance, it is difficult to detect this homogeneous view.

During the Masses, the look must be expressive. He must stick on you mature and modest air. But a dress of Sunday without jewel is mute. To make your appearance speak, this necklace Neck of seductive dressed in a yellow gold color will make you notice.

During family celebrations where many people think only of fun, evangelizing is almost impossible. Matching this pendant gold plated with your dress style and it will preach in your place by capturing all Looks.

a good gift idea to dazzle with joy all its recipients

When you offer a gift, we are mostly trying to give joy to feel in return. Choose the Gift Ideal is therefore very important for the offering, it must be in excellent relationship with the budget. This plated pendant is an adequate choice. It has not only a great beauty, but it closes especially a message of redemption very considered.

during special days like the Valentine’s Day or the anniversary of a loved one, we have the duty to offer a gift. Make a gift is a beautiful love gesture, with this necklace your loved ones will be moved. It is a birthday gift touching, it will provide joy. Add to your case this gold plated necklace and share your faith with people around you.

In the context of Christianity, baptism is one of the most important ceremonies of religion. In this type of festivity, it is obliged to offer a single present. This pendant is the baptism gift you are looking for. However, if you are in a perfect gift for other occasions, this necklace pendant will spoil you.