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Promote your image by broadcasting the gospel by a neck jewel. Expose your Christian belief through this Cross Pendant of Christ . It will highlight the importance you give to your religion. To bring more deep conviction to your belief, get this charming jewel by emitting your faith in Jesus.

zinc and steel alloy : Resistant Chlorine, does not black
No embarrassment form on your skin
size Span> span> : 45 cm (string) | ~ 3.2 cm (cross)
color : Gold plated
precise, neat
standard delivery offered
Follow this guide if you are not certain on the size to be ordered :
is equivalent to the circumference in cm .

a religious jewel that reflects the cross of Jesus Christ

The Cross is one of the most responding religious symbols in this worship. This is the sign of the crucifix which is the very basis of religion. That is why the image of Christ on the cross is emblematic for the faithful of the Church. However, put a Cross pendant around the neck is a brand of worship.

However, we can say that this necklace pendant is a jewel Happiness. It represents hope and The foundation of Christianity. These religious symbols contains invaluable and valuable. It is then a sacred evangelical object that believers opt to wear commonly.

Expand your advantage your Jewel collection at home. To fill your case, this pendant will spoil you. We can find a lot of necklaces but this one remains unpublished for collectors. This excellent value for money differentiates with other lonely pendant.

the ideal gift during religious or miscellaneous ceremonies

If you are looking for a Perfect Gift for a Christian Near. Offer this pendant in the shape of a small cross. An original and memorable present, he will fill his recipient with joy. It represents mainly a deep affection for this person. A mark of respect and esteem for the love of his religion.

During religious events such as baptism or Communion , gifts are often given at the end of the ceremonies. It is necessary to give a gift to show politeness to the person. Instead of offering expensive jewelry, this pendant will be widely up to your expectations.

When the special days arrive, we galley looking for a good Gift idea . Especially for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, etc. We look especially for authenticity with our presents. Surprise your campaign, friend and family giving a jewel a little distinct including this cross pendant.

A brilliant gold plated necklace pendant and attracting around the neck

Actually, this Pendant Necklace will bring a touch of beauty at home. Its radiant color attracts everything that looks at it. Accompanied by his chain the latter is a remarkable jewel. In addition, it is affordable in terms of price quality.

In the field of jewelery, many materials are sometimes imitated precious . We then find various semi-precious jewels pretty but very trendy. Indeed, this pendant is designed with a metal Golden which mime the gold jewelry. It is a very common technique in jewelers to copy rare components with simple metals.

In addition, it is suitable for everyone, for men but also for women . It’s a laptop pendant necklace daily, it will be easily matched to your look. He will express in your image the class and the humility in you. We will immediately recognize your devotion of the Lord. Preach your religion with a glance by giving you this wonderful jewel.