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Do not feel lonely in your lives! The Lord is present for you. He at your side you will dare more in this company full of prejudice. Affirm yourself with the silver cross pendant that will accompany you in the difficult moments that can occur. Be prepared for any eventuality is a good leitmotiv.

Sterling Silver U> : 925 Sterling Silver
Size : 6.6 cm
Weight: 28gr
Very detailed, accurate
✞ Limited Edition
Standard delivery offered

This pendant cross silver embodies all the spirit of Christendom

Opportunities to wear it will not fail: Engagement, baptism, communion, or for birthday this jewel Sterling silver subjugate your guests. At a glittering party, this crucifix will make you a little prince during the event. Not discreet at all this pendant polished brushed metal with care.

The exceptional work of this jewel in relation to the quality price does not disappoint the buyer. Exceptionally done for men The Charm is a precious asset. This pendant in Argen t highlights your paroxysm jewelry collection. The timeless interest of owning this rarity is dedicated to you.

A unique, very detailed and precise pendant for a religious object

For a Valentine’s Day Gift Idea This Necklace Cross is perfect for the man of your life. The Christ in cross engraved on the silver metal governs a personalized style of the craftsman. This religious symbol marks the blossoming of the butterfly that is in you.

This Crucifix silver cross is unique in its way of being subtly ornate. This cross form refers to the Catholic cross which fortifies your faith and the relationship with the Almighty. To wear on the neck, you can match your wardrobe to your jewelry. This pendant can also garnish your jewelry box in addition to those already there.