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The sacrifice of Christ remains the gesture of ultimate love that we feel until today. Feel this power beyond the religious circle to make it a wonder. This religious ring of a figure of a great man from a distant time transposed into jewel. The latter acquired a good reputation.

solid silver b> | Diamond Zircon Crystal
super comfortable : No form of embarrassment on the skin
detailed , accurate
weight : 14,4gr
One size (adjustable)
standard delivery offered

The Christian ring in precise and neat silver

What better for business than a engraved ring of Jesus crowned to bring you to success, all in money. Your business sense in communion with your faith is the Alloy of success. This well hammered knight will highlight your skills to distinguish yourself from others.

for men Wear a ring around the finger with this religious symbol marks independence and tenacity. This pretty ring is the culmination cantically paved with their personal fulfillment. Brilliant by its celestial dimension, stylized by the crowned Christ, the ring is of a breathtaking finesse.

Value your look in combination with this religious ring

In Jewelery , it will be difficult for you to find a jewelery of this exception for Thus perfect your invaluable collection. The image of Christ on the knight will remind you of his infinite love that brings you every day.

of excellent value for money, make A gift of this unique object will strengthen your relationships. What good for a brilliant smile to illuminate a person’s face. Your will have grown inexorably at the certain acquisition you are going to make this little prince.