Saint Benedict jewelry

Face the forces of evil with our Saint Benedict jewelry.
Wearing religious jewelry has always been a popular practice, and the many pieces of jewelry that can be found in jewelry stores and shops attest to this. For some time now, there has been a certain growth in people’s interest in St. Benedict’s jewelry, which is fairly easy to explain.
Knowing that the St. Benedict jewelry is a type of jewelry specific to the Catholic Church, and also Orthodox, it is therefore of a strong symbolism for the Christian religion. But it is also well known for its beneficial effects on everyone, when associated with faith.
On the other hand, it is also worth noting that the St. Benedict jewelry differs from the various other types of religious jewelry that we are used to seeing. Knowing that it is not a jewel to wear stupidly as an ornament like most jewelry.
The meaning of jewelry Saint Benedict.
First of all, it is to be reminded to all that there are now different types of jewels with the effigy of Saint Benedict on the market. But regardless of their diversification, their meaning remains the same for all, both for men and women, young and old.
Indeed, whatever the type of Saint Benedict jewel that attracts everyone, for a Christian, this jewel will serve as a guide, but also as a protection for them. So that everyone can have a peaceful and graceful life by wearing it.
However, it is not enough to wear this jewelry to discover its strength. On the contrary, this type of jewelry goes hand in hand with the faith of its wearer, because without faith, it is just a bauble like other types of classic Christian jewelry.
The initials of St. Benedict jewelry.

When we talk about St. Benedict’s jewelry, most of the time we are dealing with a religious medal, and less with a cross like other types of religious jewelry. Nevertheless, these medals are adorned with different types of engravings and inscriptions, in reference to the values that this holy father defends.
To do this, we can find engravings of initials in Latin, including C S S M L, its French translation, May the holy cross be my light or V R S N S M V S M Q L I V B, which means, Withdraw satan, never come to advise me your vanities, the drink that you pour is evil, drink yourself your poisons.
Without forgetting the initials C S P B, which simply means, Cross of the holy Father Benedict, and the N D S M D, to mean, Let the dragon not be my leader. The I H S or Jesus the Savior of Men, as well as the PAX or peace in French.
And so that these jewels make their effect, it is to note to each one that its faith must be unshakeable, and be a way of life, and not a whim of new converted.

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