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For generations faith in one man guided billions of people, to find their way. Everyone needs a guardrail, faith can help on many occasions. Fortify it-present it Sterling silver cross pendant. Reparate the beautiful person who has been sleeping in you forever.

Sterling Silver 925 | Pure olive wood
Size : 6.5 cm
Weight: 12,4gr
Very detailed, accurate
✞ Limited Edition
Standard delivery offered

a pure wood and silver pendant

In ancient Greece, pearls, precious stones, sapphire, diamond, ring, bracelet of all kinds made parts of society. Olivier’s wood considered rare and refined is a very popular material of jewelery of the time. Engraved in this wood, our Christ in massive silver showcases a fantasy expressing the know-how of the craftsman.

In Peloponnese The brilliant mining activity around the money was an excellent enrichment ratio of Greek cities. The transmission of personalized know-how of tailors to reach a jewel exception is a valuable heritage. Baptism, engagement this Cross pendant can act as a lucky door.

This religious cross for man wants to be unique

who never wanted to hear from someone’s mouth that we are unique! The Engraving of the Lord Anchor on the wood gives him a finesse to the neck and favorable for a gift idea of ​​an end connoisseur. Cord or silver chain, the choice is yours even in solitary pendant for the ideal gift.

The Christ cross has remained timeless and comes down to all styles from gothic or simple. Stylized by the assembly of two materials The finesse of silver metal seems infinite . By stripping with this medallion, jewelery jealousize you.