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Improve your confidence in our Lord with this adorable Cross Pendant . A jewel consisting of a traditional Saint Benoît wooden necklace. Add a religious aspect around your neck with this amazing pendant necklace to enlarge your faith.

Crafts necklace of the orthodox cross Span>
wood | Rope
adjustable size : 30-65 cm (string) | 8 cm (height of the cross)
no embarrassment form on the skin
Standard delivery offered

Follow this guide if you are not sure (e) on the size to be ordered :

cross collar crucifixion - wood oliver - dimensions cm

is equivalent to the circumference in cm.

a cross pendant Saint Benoît made of custom wood for everyone

A beautiful necklace that shows a religious symbol in the company of a pendant cross. This Saint Benoit medal is one of the best-known Christian jewelry. At first glance, we see immediately that the Medal is filled with images and letters. A legendary stylized necklace that shows Saint Benoît in Crucifix. By wearing this cross, God brings you protection and joy throughout your course, so guide you to the right path.

A perfect jewelry that will be immaculate for your day and holidays. Whether with your religious groups, your loved ones, wear this Silver Pendant SUBLIMERA. You confer from this medal

Gold is a true protection against demon attacks, temptations and diseases. In addition, this medal found in the prayer of the Holy Cross, the necessary force in order to fight against its own devils.

A wooden necklace with silver holy on a Christian Cross to increase your belief in Jesus Christ. For Christians, this remarkable silver cross teaches the mysteries of the Crucifix from Jesus on the Cross. In particular, to give you a fantasy look of your day, it is better to choose it as an ideal accessory.

A magnificent gift idea to offer for your loved ones for all occasions

Offer a pendant is a Ideal Gift because it is recognized for its protective virtues. The Cross of Saint Benoît will be your ally against the forces of evil and evil spirits. The Cross is the central symbol of religion, which is why we offer it to our loved ones. It marks the unwavering belief of that or the one with it. Usually, a religious gift ideal for baptism or communion. Satisfy your loved ones with a wide choice of cross pendants.

Offer gifts for women like a ring, earrings or bracelet means a great love to them. To give another style to your spouse, it is better to offer him a heart-shaped necklace. Generous to give for a birth or as a baptism gift for Petit-Prince and Little Princess. To make a gift of engagement, the gold alliance, gold ring, valuable watches will suit your partner.

In way of lucky, it will be perfect to offer a cross collar for your child’s birthday or your loved one. This precious necklace is associated with clothing styles nowadays. Especially since its elegance attracts timeless symbol. In our jewel collection, you could find a birthday or gift gift from Valentine’s Day. Whether diamonds, crystal, 18k or Fatma’s hand. In conclusion, make you happy then to offer this magnificent pendant.