Wooden Cross Pendants

Elevate your faith with a wooden cross pendant around your neck
The blingblings accessories have always been known as ostentatious signs for religion. Like big gold or gold-plated pendants, and silver or crystal ones, set with diamonds or not. To avoid this problem, we suggest you affirm your religion with a wooden cross pendant.
A wooden cross pendant to assert your religious affiliation while being discreet
Like other monotheistic religions, the Christian religion also has a rather specific sign of distinction, which is none other than the cross. However, people often opt for rather attractive crosses, especially those made of gold and diamond, or silver and zirconium. What you can however substitute with a wooden cross pendant.
In this way you can easily assert to which religious community you belong. Without having to draw attention to yourself, or having the impression of taunting those around you, and remain within the framework of secularism. Especially since you have different types of wooden crosses to choose from, with different possibilities of customization, in terms of design and materials.
Whether you want a Catholic cross, a Huguenot cross, an Occitan cross, an Egyptian cross, an Orthodox Christian cross, or a crucifix. Our collection has a large choice of wooden crosses, sold alone or with a gold chain. So you can forget about choosing a gold or gold and silver plated pendant.
Not to mention that you also have a choice in the type of necklace you want with it. Whether it’s a man’s necklace, a woman’s necklace, a choker, or a long necklace. In addition to the choice of material, between the simple cord or chain, as well as steel chain.
A perfect gift idea for men and women
In addition to being nice to wear every day like a silver necklace or a ring. A wooden cross pendant is also perfect to wear at a baptism, engagement, communion, wedding and other religious ceremonies. As an alternative to bracelets, baby bracelets, rosary beads, heart necklaces, beaded necklaces and sautoir necklaces.
However, it is also an excellent woman-man gift to offer to a loved one for the birthday or as a gift of birth. Especially since it is easy to personalize, so you can add different personal touches. Opting for the addition of sterling silver on the edges, or a crystal and diamonds on the middle.
A great gift that will easily stand out in your jewelry collection, a wooden cross pendant can also be worn on a bracelet. This allows you to vary its use, and to match it with your charms and jewelry collection. And to get rid of the use of plated pendant, or surgical steel chain necklace.
Not to mention that you can find a Christian cross pendant according to the religious preferences of everyone. This then allows you to have a wooden tau cross pendant.

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