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Preach your religion by a simple captivating gesture. Wear around the neck a religious pendant reflecting the image of the crucifix. This symbolic cross necklace will allow you to make the doctrine of your religion. He will stick on you the adoration you have towards God. Catechise the world through this crucifix orthodox cross pendant.

Crafts necklace of the orthodox cross Span>
olive wood | Rope
adjustable size : 30-65 cm (string) | 5.5 cm x 4 cm (cross)
no embarrassment form on the skin
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Follow this guide if you are not sure (e) on the size to be ordered :

cross collar crucifixion - wood oliver - dimensions cm

is equivalent to the circumference in cm.

a religious pendant displaying the basis of the Christian religion

The Christian religion was born after the resurrection of Christ. This victory of Jesus after the crucifix made the cross today the official emblem of this religion. For you believing the church, looking for a pendant evoking this religious symbol , we propose this.

Indeed, to show your devotion, carry the emblem of your religion on you is a beautiful veneration. It also makes it possible to share this dogma to your entourage. By wearing this Necklace Pendant Neck Riss, you give more esteem for your faith. He will affirm the love you wear to God.

However, wear religious jewelry is a sign of virtue in the Catholic world. It is a daily prayer tag that provides a spirit of mind on our way of life. As a dedicated Christian, the cross pendant is the only pendant that really describes the meaning of this religion. Having a chain necklace accompanied by this for is therefore essential.

A nice familiar pendant whose Christians like to wear daily

For believers looking for pretty pendants Happiness door . It is more relevant to choose a Cross-shaped pendant . This small wooden cross, chained with a cord chain is more than just a pendant. It wears in it the greatest religious symbols.

Whether for everyday life, but also during religious events like baptism , communion … It concords perfectly for this kind of worship. In particular for this type of festivities this necklace with pendant represents a Christian cross to show your devotion.

The fact that it is wood represents a touch of sincere on this book. Indeed, this cross pendant gives a traditional and authentic touch. In addition, this discreet cross is designed for everyone, for men and women . An orthodox pendant made of wood is of humility, but it will highlight your faith.

An ideal gift to offer for a loved one showing a great affection

It is true that make a worthy gift is very appreciable, despite this, it’s unaffordable. The gold jewelry stylized by fine stones or diamond are expensive. Yet this pendant has a sentimental value that is absent in some fantasy jewelry. Its religious value and humble air that unveils sincerity the differentiate it from others. Give this beautiful necklace pendant to your companion, during the holidays like Valentine’s Day. He will be able to fill with joy the elected of your heart.

During the birthdays of your loved ones, show them your deep love. Find a gift idea in excellent relation to all budgets while filling with joy that person. This necklace will be a ideal gift , it’s a touching and memorable present. A unique birthday present to delight relatives. Take full advantage of all these benefits and demonstrate your belief.