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God calls some to enter the orders, but no need to enter cloister. The voice of the Lord is impenetrable and no one can escape. The Wood Cross Pendant symbolizes the idea of ​​the Latin Christian Cross usually used by the Catholic religion. Continue the tradition by acquiring the symbol of Christendom.

Olive wood pendant
Size : 8.4 CM
Color: Brown
precise, neat
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A wooden pendant in the image of the Latin Christian Cross

In ancient Greece, pearls, precious stones, sapphire, diamond, ring, bracelet of all kinds made parts of society. Olivier’s wood considered rare and refined is a very popular material of jewelery of the time. Engraved in this wood, the Christ’s symbol showcases a fantasy expressing the know-how of the craftsman.

In Peloponnese Miraculous Mining Around Money was an excellent enrichment ratio of Greek cities. The transmission of personalized know-how of tailors to arrive at an exceptional jewel is a valuable inheritance. Baptism, Engagement this cross collar can act as a happiness and religious symbol important.