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Show your estimate for the Christian religion by wearing this miraculous necklace with you. This Orthodox cross pendant is ideal for matching your way of dressing and expressing your beliefs towards your family. Spread Christianity in your environment starting with matching your dress style with this.

Crafts necklace of the orthodox cross Span>
olive wood | Rope
adjustable size : 30-65 cm (string) | 5.5 cm x 4 cm (cross)
no embarrassment form on the skin
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Follow this guide if you are not sure (e) on the size to be ordered :

cross collar crucifixion - wood oliver - dimensions cm

is equivalent to the circumference in cm.

a pendant showing one of the most valiant Christian religious symbols

The sign of the cross is the foundation of Christianity, it is a symbol that has a serious prestige in this worship. It represents both the Crucifix of Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity. To show the example to your entourage, expose your worship in public. Indeed, put this pendant around the neck expresses your loyalty to this religion.

Share this fervor with a simple action by wearing a Cross Pendant reflecting the Christian emblem. However, it is instructive to preach the gospel through a captivating gesture. This humble Catholic Cross will grow people to give a thought to religion.

Each believer has an amulet lucky chance like the Fatma hand, the Egyptian cross and others. But for Christians, they rest especially on cross-shaped pendants. Indeed, any christian accomplished must manifest a beautiful adoration as much as possible. Complete this dedication with this cross necklace of the Orthodox Jewelry Collection .

A beautiful sacred necklace and lucky carrier with a miraculous image of the crucifix

For the faithful of the church, the choice of a fetish pendant is too wide. There are different religious jewels like the medals , medallions, etc. The jewelers offer a wide range of jewels that represents your faith. To avoid confusion, you offer this pendant symbolizing the Christian cross.

Like all religious jewelry , the latter will give you a protective care. This discreet cross pendant will take you luck in your life. Putting a beautiful costy gem is nice, but own this pendant remains a great dedication. It shows more the deep esteem you give to your religion.

It is designed with wood to keep the authenticity of the real cross. The confectioneur chose the wood to give a traditional touch of the cross as we know it. A masterpiece for any art passionate and not only religious will be conquered with this pendant of Little Cross . In addition, it can be preserved unlike other jewelry made with metals that oxidize.

A good gift idea to be offered for all occasions

If you want to impress someone with a ideal gift, This jewel remains a favorable option. With excellent value for money, your present will be in the memory of the recipient forever. It’s a very original birthday present to fill the person with joy.

When the Valentine’s Day will arrive, your campaign will be dazzled. This is the perfect gift for moving this near. An present that comes out of the ordinary, this pendant is a unique couple gift. It will draw your affection and a message of redemption in the path of the truth of Christ.

After religious ceremonies, make a gift is a gesture of blessing. Let yourself be tempted by a lasting present. As baptism gift This pendant necklace will do the trick. It is discreet, but stylish at a time. Preach the Christian faith by your look by wearing this pretty and humble during.