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The Holy Spirit guides the faithful towards the right way. Being in good relationship with the Holy Trinity fortifies our faith and encourages us to advance towards renewal. These Christian Cross Earrings highlights the love of God’s work to these children. Turn to your Creator to get closer to holiness.

316L copper steel | zirconium crystal diamond Span>
no form of embarrassment on your skin
color : gold plated
✞ Dimensions: 3.7 x 1.4 cm Span>
Accurate, careful
standard delivery offered

Religious jewel with perfect representation of the Christian cross

The opportunities to wear it will not fail: engagement, baptism, communion, or for the anniversary, these natural zircon jewelry subjugate your guests. A glittering events, these pendant earrings will highlight more Christianity.

With his Cross shape , the charm of this jewel is irresistible. This little wonder highlights your paroxysmic jewelry collection and preserve your faith in God. Interest timeless to own this rarity is dedicated to you.

Keep Christ near you with this cross pendant in silver

For a gift idea , this jewel will do the trick for those who are dear to you. The cross decorated with zircon stones governs a personalized style of the craftsman. This religious symbol marks the blossoming of the butterfly that is in you.

They are unique wonders in his way of being adorned subtly. This shape of the cross refers to the Catholic cross that strengthens your faith and the relationship with the Almighty. This jewel can also garnish your jewelry box in addition to those already there.