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To amplify your belief as a Christian, you are offered this Gold Plated Jesus Cross Pendant among religious jewelry. Moreover its charm, this gold plated pendant is a faculty of religious symbols. It will prosper you and will fascinate yourself by its appearance, reveal your ideology with this pretty necklace around the neck.

316L stainless steel : Chlorine resistant, do not black

Pendant Size : ~ 2 cm (height)

color span> : gold plated
precise, Detailed

Standard delivery offered

a jewel of assortment in various ways of dress

Be in accordance with yourself, this Golden Cross Pendant does not require a difficult way of you dress. This necklace, chain, of yellow gold, will offer a pleasure to see, it will administer several spectators to be desired. Indeed, this scraft is stylized to reveal your look, suitable for your holding accessories (bracelet, watches, gourmet …).

Indeed, you could classify this gold plated pendant in your fancy jewelry collection and wear it in occasional events. As in engagement or evenings you did not expect to be invited, do not be tense, this lovely chain of neck is an excellent choice.

Have a distinguished air by keeping you with well selected clothes by accompanying the necklace jewelry, this pendant necklace. A jewel of excellent value for money that we offer in our jewelery, well set as other necklaces that are charms.

Accenerate your belief in during this miraculous pendant

The pendant cross-shaped engraving highlights your devotion of Christ for believers. This Catholic cross is considered miraculous in question. The symbol of the cross is a synonym for redemption among Christians. So, become a person perforated by this jewel.

However, for others this beautiful plated necklace is an object that will be lucky, it is a lucky chancer . Such as the ornaments imitated from the clover sheet which is known to cause in a certain circumstances. For those who serve with the hand of Fatma or the Egyptian cross as a kind of amulet, to protect you, this pendant also takes into account.

Share your affection by symbolizing it in a simple and touching manner by this present

In search of an ideal gift during a religious ceremony such as baptism, this religious accessory is a good option. Certainly, we usually offer a rosary, now here is another well satisfying baptism gift.

For the anniversary of your loved one, take into consideration your links by offering him as a birthday present this well-chiseled Christian jewel. The appearance of the gold-yellow pendant has excellent value for other brilliant jewelry. Your ability will be valuable and will then affect an appreciation of you by your loved one.

As a gift idea, do not hesitate to delight your close to this necklace, in fact this pendant is a perfect gift . In addition to this, there is an excellent quality report, with a minimal impact to your budgets during the gift. Compensate your satisfaction and gratify your loved one by this openwork pendant.