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Do you need a jewel reflecting religious symbols? This magnificent necklace composed of Cross and Medal is a very nice choice. A blessed necklace combines two miraculous images that highlight your devotion. Getting fun by wearing this jewel and share your faith with your loved ones.

316L Stainless Steel : Chlorine resistant, not blackered
No form of embarrassment on your skin
Color: gold plated Span>
Detailed, accurate
Chain length: ~ 45 cm
Standard Loffterte Delivery

a semi-precious religious jewel with a strong invaluable religious value

with a Excellent value for money, this collar will offer the chance to complete your Jewelry collection . This miraculous cross and medal pendant is designed with copper, gold plated. With a radiant style, each pendant presents in him a very valuable religious value. Especially since you can wear this necklace pendant on all occasions.

actually, put around the neck a nice collar Gold plated during the religious events is indispensable. This Catholic cross pendant accompanied by the medal spreading the image of the Virgin Mary will be a beautiful option. This necklace will bring a touch of originality on your way of dressing by its symbolic air.

And for you, attentive parents who are looking for a nice subtle necklace pendant for your children. This splendid necklace is what you miss. The Virgin-Marie and the Christian Cross Pendant will offer a protective care for those who will put it. It’s a jewel ideal for all young people.

a good gift idea for numerous religious or simple anniversary opportunity

at the end of the religious ceremonies like baptism or communion , make a gift is the most beautiful gesture of politeness. The ideal gift for this type of ceremony is already before your eyes. This plated necklace is what you are looking for because it enjoys two different pendants. A delightful and emblematic baptism and communion gift.

Whether for men or women, these two Pendants are adapted to any kind of person. For special days, Valentine’s Day or birthday these pendants will be the perfect gift for your companion. Offering a liturgical jewel is one of the great signs of affections that can be shown during these days.

Two happiness pendants in one and the same necklace chain

When we talk about Christian religion, we immediately think of Crucifix . This image broadcast by the cross of Jesus has become the emblem of this religion today. Being a faithful of the church seeking religious jewelry, this pendant cross will highlight your faith in Jesus.

more, the Virgin Mary also has a very considered place. For the choice of a sacred pendant, a religious medal of the Virgin is a mark of respect for this holy. Being the elected to be the mother of Christ, his portrait is engraved forever in medallions. Having a pendant wearing his image is then a privilege.

That’s why we’ve designed for you this necklace, a real lucky carrier jewel. It is incomparable to different precious stones which do not excebel in these original images. In addition, the quality of the selected materials is in excellent relationship with all budgets. Get this wonderful chain necklace and wear these sacred pendants every day.